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I’m currently working with a partner on a MEAN stack webapp code-named Daybreak. It’s not yet ready for prime time but the code is on Github.

Daybreak on Github


Treksmith is a project developed by four students at Portland Code School. Its purpose is to demonstrate what we’ve learned about the MEAN stack, Mongodb, Express, Angular and Node.js. We spent all day every day for three months learning advanced JavaScript and then spent a month building out this project. Our goal was to build a web app that would allow a user to create a route (or trek, as we call them) on a map and then save and retrieve them from their own user account. The user can add, subtract and drag waypoints on their trek to change it as they choose and set transportation modes for each leg of their trek. Additionally they can rename treks and waypoints and see distance and elevation between waypoints and as a total.

We wrote the code for 95% of the site as a group. We took turns “driving” and talked through each function and controller together. As the project evolved we began to work on other pieces of the site individually. Things to which I contributed the most were:

Coming up with the idea. All twelve students presented project ideas and three were chosen, including mine.

Implementing email verification for new account signups. When a user joins the site with an email address, they receive an email with a unique, secure link which they can click to verify their email address. Then a “verfied email” flag is added to their user record in the Mongodb.

Making Angular form validation work for the login and signup forms.

Implementing SASS and writing much of the scss.

Writing the Gulp build file that watches the app during development and compiles the scss, checks the javascript for errors, builds sourcemaps, concatentate and minifies the css and javascript files. When changes are made to any file, Gulp performs all of its tasks and restarts the node server.

See the live site here.

See the code on Github here.